A wart is a growth on the skin that can appear on any part of it. For human health warts are absolutely harmless, but from the aesthetic side bring him a lot of trouble. So how do you get rid of warts? However, the appearance of warts on certain parts of the body (the surface of the mouth) can be dangerous to human health.
Provide the appearance of wartviruses of the genus human papilloma. This virus is very active in human skin. There will be a wart, maybe not immediately, but after a few months after the infection got into the human body. It is worth appearing alone, and warts can go to any part of the body. It is very difficult to identify the vector because it may not have warts. Often warts on the skin appear because of microcuts, microcracked on the skin. For example, very often warts occur on the feet after swimming in a river, a lake, a public pool. They promote the formation of warts razor cuts.
Weakened immunity is the main cause of warts. This is especially true for the residents of the metropolis. Stress, emotional breakdowns, fatigue all reduce sway immunity, and therefore reduces the body's resistance to viruses.

How to deal with warts

Today, such methods of wart control are known: surgical, laser technology, radiowave surgery, cryodestruction.
Get rid of warts surgically. This is the removal of the wart with a scalpel. After removing the large wart may be the need to impose the seam, which will be removed in 1-2 weeks. The place of removal after surgery is treated with a disinfectant solution, and an aseptic bandage is applied. The bandage changes regularly, and the wound is to be treated with solutions or ointments.
Cryotherapy or cryodestruction are the easiest and safest ways to remove moles and warts.
The method consists in the impact on the wart by low temperature. The tissues that are subject to freezing with liquid nitrogen are destroyed due to the instantaneous action of low temperature. After that, the part of the skin, which was treated with nitrogen, loses sensitivity and acquires a white tint.
How to get rid of warts? There are two types of cryotherapy: mild and aggressive. They differ from each other by freezing time, the method of application (applicator or spray), and the duration of the break between procedures. With a soft freeze, scars do not occur in place of the warts, and with aggressive scar formation there is a possibility.
Get rid of warts thanks to electrocoagulation (Radio wave surgery).
The wart is removed by high frequency current. The formation is removed with a special device - an electrocoagulator. In place of the wart formed a dry crust, after that falls away. The wart disappears without leaving a trace. This is the most popular method of fighting warts. Electrocoagulation in the presence of cancerous tumors, aggravation of herpes is not contraindicated; coagulopathy.
Laser therapy is a modern, effective, fast and most importantly accessible removal of warts. The advantage of removing warts with a laser is that after this technique do not appear scars. This is a painless method of removal. Therefore, it is used to treat warts in children. During the procedure, the skin that surrounds the wart is not injured. Laser therapy is not suitable for colds, hypertensive pressure, herpes in the stage of aggravation; high body temperature. Pregnant women should be able to remove the warts with a laser.