Among other methods of dental prosthetics, implantation occupies a special place. Its advantages are obvious: it allows you to keep all the remaining teeth intact, while when putting on bridge-shaped prostheses they need to be sharpened. Implanted teeth outwardly do not differ from their own and perfectly perform chewing functions. In addition, the load on the jaw in the presence of implants is the most physiological, as a result of which it is possible to avoid atrophy of her bone, the constant companion of other types of prosthetics. The cost of implanting teeth with the drug viagra in Australia depends on several factors: her chosen technique, the state of the mouth in general and the bone of the jaw, the overall indicators of the patient's health. Several conditions must be met for the operation to implant one or more teeth successfully. First, bone tissue should have enough thickness to implant the implant - it is determined by an orthopantomogram, a panoramic X-ray. If the jaw bones do not correspond to the necessary parameters, it is necessary to carry out surgery to build it up, only after that implantation will be possible. The total cost of dental implantation will increase significantly, but in many cases it is simply impossible to do without osteoplastics. Secondly, the patient's oral cavity should be sanitized. All carious teeth should be treated , as well as periodontal diseases. Otherwise, complications caused by infection are possible after implantation. The most serious of these is periimplantitis, manifested by redness, swelling and the appearance of abscesses in soft near-amlant tissues. The result of the resulting bone damage is the rejection of the implant. Third, implantation should be carried out in the absence of certain common diseases. Absolute contraception to it - diseases of blood and blood organs, malignancies, diabetes, tuberculosis, mental disorders. It is unacceptable in the hypertone of chewing muscles and the accompanying bruxism - reflex night grinding teeth. There are also temporary contraindications for implantation. These are, first of all, pregnancy, as well as acute infectious diseases and the period of rehabilitation after them. In general, it can be said that exactly to calculate in advance, in advance,