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Is there a problem? It is not necessary to leave them on their own and think: "If it is not possible to live a normal sex life, it is not fate." You, like any normal man on this planet, should take everything from life!

Erectile dysfunction is what it is, and why is it happening?

For the normal functioning of the penis, the man must have a good blood supply and transmission of nerve signals. When excited, the brain sends pulses to the nerve endings of the penis, which lead to the expansion of blood vessels and filling the penis with blood. There is an erection, as they say in the people, the member "stands up."

Well, erectile dysfunction is when you don't get up. Previously, such manifestations were called impotence, but this disease is much more serious. But the reduction in the quality of the act of copulation and erection - it is most likely erectile dysfunction.

According to the data provided by doctors, it became known that problems with erection occur in one in four men who have crossed the 40-year mark. And this is only an approximate figure, because not every man is able to discuss such problems even with a doctor, especially since many of them consider their sexual life to be quite tolerable, even with the existing problems.

It is believed that Russian citizens have a sex problem much more common than men from Europe and other developed countries. What is the reason for this? The reasons for the violation of the functions of the sexual organ are divided into five categories:

1.Psychological Problems Bad Mood
Craving for drugs
Alcohol addiction
Fears of sexual intercourse

2.Endocrine Disorders Increased Blood Sugar

3. Vascular Disorders Clogged Pelvic Arteries
Defeat of the penis vessels

4. Physiological changes in the penis curvature of the penis
Consequences of penis inflammation

5.Neurological Stroke Disorders
Parkinson's disease
Spinal cord disease

Perhaps the erection is impaired due to the use of substances that reduce the functionality of the penis:

  1. Alcohol. It disrupts the functions of the liver, and because of this the exchange of hormones, on the quality of which depends on erection.
  2. Nicotine. When the blood of this substance enters the blood vessels are narrowed, and on the penis (as mentioned above) there are vessels, respectively, narrowing and they. In this situation, impotence can develop.
  3. Drugs. In complicated addiction there is erectile dysfunction, and when the dose is canceled begins its development of impotence.
  4. Drug-type drugs. In some drugs, the side effect is manifested in the dysfunction of the penis.

How to help?

If you still neglect your health, or you are already in your 50s, and the penis does not function as you would like, do not despair. Pfizer International Inc. in 1993 developed a drug that will help any of you to fully taste life!

Viagra is a common pill that helps with erectile dysfunction. Tablets are available for 25, 50, 100 mg. The number of grams equals the amount of active substance in the tablet - citrate sildenafil.

Viagra is very easy to use: before sexual contact just drink a tablet - and that's it!

Active substances normalize circulation, and the penis, filled with blood, will please you and your partner with an erection, and at the end of sexual intercourse the penis will return to a relaxed state. Everything will happen as with natural intercourse. This explains the popularity of this drug. You and your soul mate won't even feel the difference between natural sex and sex with miracle pills.

Recommendations for the use of the drug

  1. Drink one viagra pill an hour before intercourse. In 30-60 minutes the active substance will start to act.
  2. When sexually aroused, the tablet will be valid for three to four hours.
  3. It is better to take Viagra before eating, as fatty food can slow down the action of the active substance.
  4. More than one pill a day should not be taken.
  5. Please note that if your partner does not sexually excite you, the penis itself will not rise.

Be careful!

If you suffer from heart disorders or any diseases of the blood vessels of the brain, take the drug with great care. If you have a heart attack, consult your doctor if you can take Viagra.

It is also better to see a doctor if you have a sudden erection that lasts a long time.

If you are going to get behind the wheel, or you are the pilot of the aircraft, then refrain from taking Viagra on the day when you need to drive. This drug can change the perception of colors.

If you don't want to put up with a sexual disability, Viagra helps you! For many men, she has already helped to establish married life and has given confidence in strength and love of life.